invisible ensos

Just this one circle
can change your mind.

But where is it?

The Invisible Enso is practiced deliberately to be conscious of the realities that cannot be seen.  Like the Tibetan terma or hidden treasure, the Invisible Enso will arise at the right time, in the right environment.  For instance, the environment of light shining through the Invisible Enso will help the visible arise.

Drawing an Enso is training the mind.  Each Enso is first drawn in the air slowly, purposely and with attention. Then placing the brush in ink the Zen practitioner draws the invisible into the visible.

It is taught that contemplating the Enso is observing the mind. 

Which Enso resonates with you? What do you see?  What are you experiencing in your body? What stories do you tell yourself about this Enso?  Is it similar to a story you tell about yourself?

For the observer the Enso takes on many symbols once it is made visible.  Mysterious. Complete. Incomplete.  Impermanent.  Solid.  All-knowing. Broken. Enlightened.

Round and perfect like vast space
Nothing lacking, nothing in excess.
Hsin-hsin Ming

May these Ensos remind you to jump into the circle of life wholeheartedly.

In preparation for the Eldorado Studio Tour, I have many works in progress. Completed works will be continually added to this site. Check back often!

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